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Shaun & Salma Ajani

Shaun and Salma Ajani are authors, speakers, and investors in businesses around the world. They particularly seek out businesses that can be classified as "social businesses"; businesses that have a social component to it, and not only exist just to make a personal profit.

In rare cases, they offer consulting services for other businesses.

Below are some of their current projects:

Montessori Ivy League - Pembroke Pines, FL:
Montessori Ivy League is a progressive school that is the legacy of a long and proud tradition of the thoughtful school practice of Maria Montessori, stretching back since 1907. We offer a variety of programs and summer school. Montessori Ivy League is a non-denominational school that has classes for children from 18 months - 6 years of age.

Our school offers children’s progressive Montessori method of education, in beautifully prepared interior spaces, with inviting outdoor space, while seeking academic excellence naturally. We strive not only for academic excellence but also to create a sense of wonder as well for a lifelong love of learning, at the children’s own pace, in an authentic Montessori environment.

Montessori Ivy League School is based on the Proven Authentic Montessori Method, guided by a pre-planned written curriculum designed to be developmentally appropriate, in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Our curriculum is design to create balances between joyful scholarship, independent thinking and research, curiosity, creativity, and imagination.

Insurance Agency - El Paso, TX:
A low cost personal and commercial insurance agency especially priced and targeted towards the population that normally would not be able to acquire insurance.

Alaska Business Research - Anchorage, AK:
Ongoing research to identify and start businesses that the local population can utilize, which may not be typically available to them.

One-to-One Contributing Program – GLOBAL:
This program is designed with our Montessori pre-school, where With every child you enroll, we will educate a child in need.

The idea is simple and elegant. For every child that enrolls at Montessori Ivy League, we will contribute money toward a child, in an improvised region, so he or she can get an education. Which means that your child, just by the virtue of going to school here, will have a hand in something noble; something that will not only be useful in personal growth, but also be the future inspiration to serve humanity as a whole. Thus, making our world a little more beautiful and successful place, true to the spirit and character of Dr. Maria Montessori herself.
“Establishing lasting peace is the work of education”

      -- Maria Montessori (1870-1952)